Thursday, December 3, 2009

Galactic Warfare Mod Gameplay Video

Galactic Warfare Mod Gameplay Video - Watch more Game Trailers

For all my Call Of Duty gamers!!

Iverson Emotional In Return To Philly Press Conference

Mila Kunis In BlackBook Magazine

One of the girls on my ex wifey list covers BlackBook Magazine. She's got that girl next door that your in love with look.
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Behind The Scenes Of Young & Reckless' Latest Photoshoot

Rob Dyrdek's cousin, Drama started his own clothing line, "Young & Reckless". Here's a behind the scenes look at the latest photoshoot.

Video: Drake Lines Up Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye, And Mystery Guest For Thank Me Later LP

via MTV
Drake says he is now aiming to release his official debut LP, Thank Me Later, in March. Even with the slight delay, the 23 year old Canadian singer/ rapper is pleased with how it is shaping up.
“I’m making progress on it,” Drake said with a smile Wednesday night at the Grammy nominations concert in Los Angeles, where he’d just learned — to his surprise — that he’s up for two awards. “I’m hoping for March now. It’s just pulling everybody together: I had a wish list for my managers of everybody I wanted involved that stem beyond hip-hop. I’m trying to pull it all together.”
One of the top names on his list is a legendary vocalist who recently announced she’ll be releasing her first new album in almost a decade.
“I’m really trying to work with Sade,” he revealed. “Lil Wayne will be on it. Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, Kanye will be doing work on it. It’s in the family.”
There is one other guest that he elected to be coy about. “It’s this other one I’m excited about that’s kinda left [field],” he demurred. “It’s gonna be a great project — well-round

Tech N9ne-Low (Official Video)

Check another video off the King Of Darkness' latest album. K.O.D. Shoutout to our boys at Strange and RBC Records
Two Thumbs Up!

Lil Wayne- On Fire (Radio Rip)

Some decent rock shit from Weezy F. Good quality for a radio rip so enjoy.

Download: Lil Wayne- On Fire(Radio Rip)

Nominee's for the 2010 Grammy Awards! Tell yo Momma!

Who will get F@#*ed at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards? Drake is nominated and he doesn’t even have an album out yet. Applaud Young Money/Cash Money — Universal Republic. Beyonce is up for 7. Jay is up for 4. Eminem for best rap album… Check out the list after the jump.

Gucci Mane- Sex in Crazy Places X Kush is My Cologne X Bingo X The Movie

Heres 4 new Gucci tracks off "The State vs Radric Davis" with some dope features.. enjoy

Download: Gucci Mane- Sex in Crazy Places(ft. Nicki Minaj, Trina, & Bobby V)
Download: Gucci Mane- Kush Is My Cologne(ft. E-40, Devin tha Dude, Bun-B)
Download: Gucci Mane- Bingo (ft. Soulja Boi, Wacka Flocka Flame)
Download: Gucci Mane- The Movie

Eminem- Elevator + Buffalo Bill

The first leak from the Eminem's Relapse: Refill (unless u count forever or taking my ball)
Plus one more! just added

Download: Eminem- Elevator
Download: Eminem- Buffalo Bill

Video: Florida State's Zebrie Sanders redefines 'taking a play off'

They must have been pissed at the QB for this one and ESPN please stop it with the "C'Mon Man".. "C'Mon Son fuck outta here with that shit"

Massive Pee Wee Hit

Massive Pee Wee Hit - Watch more Funny Videos
Baby Ray Lewis in the making! 

OBAMA Ecstasy Pills! Somebody Smack Somebody's Momma!

According to online reports and, a new batch of ecstasy pills favoring the president have hit the streets — and the approval ratings for the new pills are high.

Ecstasy is known for a sense of elation, diminished feelings of fear and anxiety, and ability to induce a sense of intimacy with others.

Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Rock (So You Think You Can Dance Live)

Shout out to The Rangers doing their thing in the performance!

KiD CuDi Talks Collabos For Cudder

Cudi has so many other records that didn’t fit in with his debut album, look foward to some g.o.o.d. hits. “People reaching out to me wanting to collab is so bugged out,” Kid admitted. “I remember when nobody wanted to do any song with me, let alone listen to my sh–. It’s been humbling since Kanye reached out. People seek my creativity; that’s dope. I don’t do the normal sh–. I don’t make the normal songs. So when people reach out, that means they’re on the same frequency.” 
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Curren$y: Fuck the Majors, WE MAJOR (Video)

Get a sneak peak of Fuck the Majors We MAJOR, a mini-series, chronicling the perils of an artist trying to maintain his artistic integrity in WACK WORLD

Jimmy Kimmel Talks Tiger Woods At Legends Barbershop

Jimmy Kimmel at the shop with my boys! Shout out to Legends Barbershop!

Bron Bron Sinks A Full Court Shot With A Football (Video)

Video: DJ Khaled feat. Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & Drake - Fed Up

Another annoying DJ Khaled video enjoy