Friday, February 26, 2010

Pistons trainer banishes Nike Hyperize sneakers

Arnie Kander, the Detroit Pistons' longtime strength and conditioning coach, says he's never seen as many ankle, knee and groin injuries as he has this season. And he's not kidding. From opening night to mid-December, three different Pistons guards — Richard Hamilton(notes), Ben Gordon(notes) and Will Bynum(notes) — all missed time thanks to buggered ankles. What's that sayin'? Two's a coincidence, three's a trend.

So, like any good NBA trainer who moonlights as a private investigator, Kander donned his deerstalker hat and overcoat, smoked a pipe, and quickly figured out that it was a specific brand of sneakers — *COUGH* Nike Hyperizes *COUGH* — that were making the Pistons' ankles go lame.

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The Boondocks Returns…

… May 2nd. Not as early as I thought (sometime in March), but better later than never…
The Boondocks, the award-winning animated Adult Swim series based on Aaron McGruder’s comic strip by the same name, returns this spring for its third season. After taking a two year hiatus, creative and executive producer McGruder announced on his twitterfeed (@aaronmcgruder) that the third season premiere of The Boondocks will air on Sunday, May 2nd at 11:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on Adult Swim. The series, produced by Rebel Base in association with Sony Pictures Television, includes the vocal talents of Regina King (“Southland”) as Huey and Riley Freeman; John Witherspoon (“Friday After Next”) as Granddad; Gary Anthony Williams (“Boston Legal”) as Uncle Ruckus; Cedric Yarbrough (“Reno 911″) as Tom Dubois; Jill Talley (“American Dad”) as Sarah; and Gabby Soleil (“Johnson Family vacation”) as Jazmine.
The show will return to the small screen continuing to provide the touchy, and oftentimes controversial, humor and situations for which the show has become infamous for. The third season will cover various topics that range from politics and mainstream media, to social norms and pop culture.

Spike Jonze And Lance Bangs Talk 'Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait Of Maurice Sendak'

by Cristina Ramos

With his adaptation of "Where The Wild Things Are" set for DVD release on Tuesday, March 2, Spike Jonze took a night to chat about the intimate documentary about the witty and wise author Maurice Sendak, along with co-director Lance Bangs. "Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak" takes you through enchanting, funny, and sometimes sad moments of the "Wild Things" creator's life as he recounts his childhood, the controversy surrounding his recently adapted book, his late partner of fifty years, Eugene Glynn, and his obsession with death. The 40-minute film exposes life as Sendak views it, quirks and all.

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