Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shake The Devil Off!

I do this dance every morning

Snuggie D-Lux

Video: MVPuppets x Kobe Bryant “Zoom Kobe V” Rap

Hip-hop has so thoroughly permeated modern culture that it’s probably one of the best ways to relate to kids these days.  Case in point: the Nike MVPuppets campaign.  Occasionally hilarious, the felt version of Kobe Bryant picks up where Santa-KRS left off, rapping about the shoe.  It starts off sounding like a Spartan Spirit skit, but ends with an unmistakably MVPuppets twist as Lil Dez steps in to save Foot Locker from a Zoom Kobe V-induced blaze.  Click the jump below to see for yourself. via SneakerNews

Mystikal To Be Released From Prison?!

HipHopWired Reports:

For most of us who have probably forgotten anything about the 90's Hip-Hop star Mystikal, on January 16th, 2004, Mystikal was sentenced to six years in prison.

Gilbert Arenas Charged With Weapons Possession

Former Washington Wizard Gilbert Arenas, was charged today with felony weapons possession. The crime carries a penalty of five years behind bars. Last month, Agent Zero was accused of drawing a gun on teammate Javaris Crittenton inside the Wizards locker room.

Video: News Years Eve With YM/CMB


Photoshoot + Video: Rihanna in W Magazine

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Booty Of Tha Week: Elle Navarro a.k.a Luscious!

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Picture Of The Day!! Lil Romeo Edition

Doritos or Romeo's Rap Snacks? Hmmmm...

Video + MP3: Plies ft. Keri Hilson- Medicine

Download: Plies ft. Keri Hilson- Medicine

Jim Jones- Busta Move

Download: Jim Jones- Busta Move

Must Watch List! "Oldboy"

9. Oldboy – Park Chan-Wook’s twisted revenge fantasy boasts one of the most pathologically compelling protagonists in film history. When Dae-Su wakes up imprisoned in a ratbag hotel, he's unaware that he has just embarked on a journey that will break his down to the very core of his being. Unfortunately, what's there is a guy who really likes to destroy people and eat live octopus.
I was just thinking about this movie. One of my favorite movies, if you haven't seen it check it out

Spider-Man 4 Squashed

Well, this is interesting - the long-delayed Spider-Man 4 is looking to have another setback. In fact, the entire goddamned thing is in the trashcan. Set to start filming next month,franchise mastermind Sam Raimi was said to be dissatisfied with the script's direction and walked off the project, leaving the movie already millions of dollars in debt. Sony, scrambling to keep the franchise going, is taking a Batman Begins approach and rebooting the series back to Peter Parker's high school days, ousting Tobey Maguire from the role and completely recasting. And, needless to say, Raimi is out of the picture. We'll have more news on the reboot, including casting, as it gets closer to a summer 2012 release, but this is certainly upsetting news to superhero movie fans. It's been ten years since the first flick, so maybe Raimi is right to hang up his hat and move on.
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Korean Soldier Kick Fail


Mary J Blige Cracking Up On American Idol At This Old Man's Hit Song "Pants On The Ground"

Video: DJ Kay Slay ft. Maino, Papoose, Red Cafe & Ray J - Thug Luv

More Than Just A DJ in stores February 9th.